Is there a more efficient way to keep your child safe?
The answer is SAFEKIDS.

Let us tell you what is Safe Kids.

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Children are the light of the future . For the modern day parents ,the prime goal is to take care and to give their child a proper upbringing. The first step towards this is education. Our children spends a huge part of their life in schools and colleges. But circumstances may not always favor the parents. In the current society having a busy schedule is a very common thing and due to this busy life there comes certain sacrifices .how much ever a parent runs behind a child everything has its limitations .It is literally impossible to give a 100 percent attention to a child . Even though not all,some kids utilize this absence of their parents.Hartals and strikes in kerala fuel situations like this . Nowadays situations like this can pop up at any point of time and the parent should have a way to ensure security and safety of their children . Schools cannot keep track of all the students at the same time when situations like this occurs nor do they have the measures to inform the parents.

We are implementing a non profit software that give updates and notifications to parents on their children ,always keeping the parents in the loop. The software will be provided free of charge . The key features would be to provide parents updates on which all classes the student has not attended ,realtime updates about hartals and holidays ,attendance etc.

SAFE KIDS was officially launched by Shri.Adoor Prakash, Minister for Revenue and Coir, on March 5th at Nethaji Higher Secondary School,Pathanamathitta. It was an important milestone for Logix Space Technologies, for we also introduced our completely functioning Safe Kids android app as part of a social initiative campaign, partnering with Digital India.

Our Features

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Absolutely Free

Safe Kids is absolutely free for schools.

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Student Management System

Schools can update student attendance and progress report cards to parents.

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Free SMS Updates

Schools can send real time messages to parents about their children, like school holidays.

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Advertise With Us

Advertisers can promote their business through safe kids.

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Parents App

A free Safe Kids android app to parents to get the school notifications, students attendance and marks.

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Faculty App

A free Safe Kids android app to faculties to mark attendance, upload marks and send alerts.

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Library Management System

Schools can update the details of books, journals and new arrivals.

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RFID Student Monitoring

Provision for elecronic Id card attendance system, using RFID.

Available in FB Messenger

Safekids Bot

We are proud to present the official launch of their new feature 'Safekids Bot', after its successful beta run. Partnering with the biggest social media giant, Facebook, Safekids now has an official Facebook Bot. This is an independent system where parents can go the Facebook page of Safekids and access the messenger bot. Just like you could talk to a real life representative, you can check your ward's attendance, report card or school notifications with the help of certain keywords. With the help of the feedback received from the beta run, we have increased the user friendliness of the bot almost thrice fold.

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