About Safe Kids Mobile Interface

Safekids app is a new app that is linked to the Safekids project developed by Logix Space Technologies. Safekids is a social initiative project that provides a method of connectivity between the school and the parents via rapid notifications and real time updates free of cost to both the school and parents.

Features us Journey So far

We launched the project on 5 March 2015 and the app on 2 July 2015. Many number of private schools has joined safekids and Since it made quite an impact even the government has shown interest in our project and a pilot run has be introduced to a number of government schools in pathanamthitta by the district collector .


About Safe Kids App Features

  1. Attedance Details
  2. Exam Results
  3. School Notifications
  4. Digital Diary
  5. Placeholder

Blog Features makes us Unique

  • Live Attendance The gives you attendance notifications and statistics regarding the student on a real time basis. There is no lag or delay as the statistics are dynamic and will directly be updated as soon as the school updates the attendance.
  • Digital diary A digital portion reserved to act as the conventional "school diary" in which the teacher usually notes down upcoming assignments,homework's and other important updates ( usually for younger students ).
  • Exam Marksheet The marklist of each student can be shown in the app with specific details on each subject grade/gpa/marks.
  • School Notifications There is a provision for school to give updates and messages to parents on different activities like PTA meetings, sports day events,holiday spans etc.

Screens Safe Kids Screenshots

See what’s included in the App

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Demo Safe Kids Functional Video