Is there a more efficient way to promote your business?
We think so.

How it Works for You?

What we offer is, a method that can guarantee 100% exposure and at a price lower than any of the advertising competitors in the market. There is no hidden costs or any special registration fees. Each of our campaigns are custom tailored to your requirements such that there is always a suitable package for you, that ranges from Rs.99 to Rs.1,00,000 .

We have configured our distribution model such that the advertisements are included at the end of SMS updates provided by our software SAFEKIDS, which is a social initiative project . A good number of schools have already joined the program and each SMS sent out even to one of these school’s is a guarantee that your ad is being read by thousands of parents.

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What can we offer?


The ad space provided to you will be of a dynamic nature ,such that at any given point of time you will be able to change the content and the audience of the ad. For our clients that are planning to go on for a bigger margin ,there is provision to customize the volume of texts to be delivered to a particular district . All our clients will be provided with access methods that allow them to monitor the real-time status of their ad’s , thereby having first-hand insight on how much of an impact each ad has caused

What makes us unique?

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01.100% Exposure

In our method of advertising, each ad is guaranteed to be read and will receive the precise amount of exposure to the client has subscribed for.

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02.Cost Effective

We provide our services at the cheapest rate in the market without any drop in quality or service.

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03.Live Monitoring

At any given time you can know the status of the ads posted,with info on specifics such as number of messages sent,content and it's timestamps.

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04.Realtime Editing

The content that you wish to send can be changed at anytime at your wish,provided that it doesn't violate any of the content specifications.

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05.District-wise Filtering

We offer area wise filtering,so that you can concentrate on advertising your content where your clientele matters the most.

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06.Free Registration

We offer free initial registration,with no hidden chargers. You only pay for the subscription plan.

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